Hai Phong Logistics Association celebrates one year of establishment

Hai Phong Logistics Association (HPLA) has just celebrated its one-year anniversary, marking a new stage with many meaningful activities.

In just a short time, after being established on August 24, 2021, HPLA has urgently consolidated the organization, developed its members, now has 68 official members, and has come into operation effectively. protect the interests of members.

Anniversary of Hai Phong Logistics Association
Attending the 1st anniversary of HPLA association, the representative of Hai Phong Department of Industry and Trade highly appreciated HPLA's activities in the past year. HPLA cooperates with Hai Phong Department of Industry and Trade to organize a symposium on FTAs; Coordinate with Hai Phong Department of Industry and Trade to organize exchanges and connect supply and demand with businesses and other associations. Coordinating with the Department of Industry and Trade, solving bottlenecks at Phuong Dong Honest Partner Company. The association has also successfully organized two survey visits to the construction site of a logistics center in Tien Lang and Kien Thuy District (Hai Phong).
In the past year, HPLA has organized many specialized topics and topics on Logistics, such as solutions to improve the efficiency of road transport, transporting goods to the US and Europe, the problem of using containers, reduce sea freight rates and other surcharges… in order to reduce logistics costs and improve the efficiency of logistics service provision.
Most recently, the association cooperated with USAID to organize a seminar "Preventing risks in international trade and logistics services to improve business efficiency". The Association conducts policy criticism with state management agencies.
The Association has contributed ideas to develop the draft circular Regulations on determining the origin of exported and imported goods; Participating in criticism and comments to build a set of indicators to evaluate Customs agent capacity; Participating in commenting on management and specialized inspection of imported and exported goods;

Workshop on "Preventing risks in international trade and logistics services to improve business efficiency"
The Association has completed the Directory of member information; Develop a set of exam questions to assess the candidate's ability to recruit input for members for each job position; Coordinate with Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA) to organize short-term training courses.
In particular, the association has compiled and compiled a number of documents on digital transformation; Synthesize and compile a number of topics to guide members on freight forwarding to the US market & Synthesize a list of warehouses in Hai Phong. In addition, coordinate with Customs authorities to provide professional training and new policies for members; Connecting recruitment - trainees of member enterprises with training units.
Sharing at the founding anniversary, Mr. Tran Tien Dung, Chairman of Hai Phong Logistics Association wished that HPLA would develop a stronger association. Hai Phong is crowded with logistics enterprises, with more than 1000 logistics enterprises, mainly small and medium enterprises. But the smaller we are, the more we have to unite to create collective strength. The association will be a gathering place, connecting businesses in the logistics industry chain, providing overall services through strengthening links between businesses.
“The leadership of Hai Phong Logistics Association will try to become the representative agency for the Hai Phong logistics business community to connect and respond to difficulties and problems, propose mechanisms, policies and solutions. …in the process of working with State management agencies to create a healthy business environment in accordance with the principles and purposes of the Association, "said Mr. Dung.
In the coming time, HPLA will promote membership development, spreading the Association's values for expansion. The Association will develop a program to serve the goals of the City People's Committee, towards developing members' capacity, uniting members, consulting and criticizing central and local policies, expanding relations with associations, the Association will be the focal point to develop cooperation and business expansion for members.
Celebrating 1 year of establishment, HPLA held a friendly football match with the team of Hai Phong Department of Industry and Trade. This is a meaningful activity to strengthen the relationship between the department and the association, help to understand each other better and increase solidarity.
Some pictures of the friendly football match between HPLA and Hai Phong Department of Industry and Trade:


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